Tv aerials weak reception installation

If you live in an area where reception is quite weak then maybe something like this type of tv aerial is the solution.

Here we have a good quality MZR20 Digital TV aerial fitted on a 20 foot alloy mast fed into 8 way amplifier, this gave the customer equal signals throughout the home and 3 times moor channels that are on the relay station.

If you are struggling where you live for reception or want some advice on your existing set up get in touch and ask for Andy or Bob.

High gain TV Aerials

If you need a High TV Aerial fitting you have come to the right place.

High gain TV Aerials are fitted in situations where tv reception is reduced such as trees or tall buildings and when you live in an area that is a long distance from transmitter.

However some companies out there will try to over sell you an aerial and charge extravagant amounts of money, also creating problems of having too much signal.

TV Aerials need approx 45 – 70 dB anything above that will overload your tuner and may cause your pictures to break up if in doubt head over to our website for some answers.