Water ingress in tv aerials

One of the most common faults with tv aerials is water ingress which can travel down the cable and as in this instance has blown the tuner on customers television.

Water ingress in your tv aerial can happen a couple of different ways, a cable flapping on the roof can become split or if the cable is old it looses its uv resistance and fails.

Another way is through the aerial when some aerials such as an antiference rx12 or most older triac aerials had a bowl where the cable was fed into which filled up with water and gravity did the rest.

If you are experiencing glitching or breaking up of signal on a wet day it maybe time to have your tv aerial checked, also check the coax plug to see if it is wet and if so remove from television and get in touch.


New Build TV Aerial Installation

If you have a new Build property and after a New TV aerial installed on it.

A new build property most developers and house builders generally run all the cables up to the loft, if we can dependant on reception we can try and install the tv aerial in the loft.

First of all we need to make sure we have enough signal in the loft ideally about 55db to start with, if you have 2 points and 2 cables in the loft we will use a 2 way splitter this will loose 4db of signal. Another thing to take into account is the wall sockets, some wall sockets have a resistor in and these can cause problems but can be swapped out to a non isolated wall socket with no loss.

The other problem is if it does need amplifying most house builders don’t install electric sockets for a tv aerial amplifiers. We can however use a 12 volt masthead amplifier to get round this problem.

If you need any advice on your new build house and the options get in touch.