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Satellite dish pole mount

If you are in a situation where you maybe struggling with a no line of site, or other issues where you don’t want a cable running over a roof or maybe just for cosmetic reasons.

Here we can install your satellite dish for freesat or sky up on a sturdy pole mounted system getting around the problem.

There is extra cost involved with this type of installation but have a chat over the phone for a fixed price quote.

Freesat installations

If you need a dish installing for Freesat then have a look at our services. Single room dish to a dish serving upto 8 points.

Freesat was brought out for people that live in an area where Free view wasn’t available covering 100 % of the UK.

Some televisions have freesat now built into them or alternatively you can buy a freesat recorder and go for one of our twin feed dishes.

So if it’s a new Freesat dish or repair or upgrade of evisting get in touch.