Cutting corners with tv aerials

Here we have a job that had been booked in with us and the customer had double booked it and forgot to cancel. That’s life annoying but it happens.

Back down to the job it was meant to be a 2 room new tv aerial installation, if this lasts more than a couple of years without experiencing problems they will be lucky.


They have fitted a MZR 12 TV Aerial on the old rusty bracket which will cause problems in the future as it won’t last.

Next issue they have run a new cable down to half way across the wall and then fitted an indoor splitter with a bit of tape round it, this won’t take long to get water in it and destroy it, also it looks an eyesore, this should really have had an external masthead splitter fitted with 2 cables running down.

As you can see off that picture of one of our installs complete sealed unit no water getting into it.

Before you book with these companies or before you let them carry out a job get the engineer to discuss what he is going to do first.

If you need hell get in touch ask for Andy or Bob.