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2 room tv aerial installation.

Here is one of our 2 room Digital TV Aerials fitted today.

As you can see in this instance we have fitted 2 separate Digital TV Aerials on a 6 foot mast and bracket, sometimes and usually at the engineers discretion it is better than using a splitter.

All new cables are fed down the gable end and fed into the building and sealed on the outside with silicone.

This was fitted on a wall bracket as no chimney on property.

If you want any advice on a Multiroom tv aerial setup don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks Andy and Bob.

Multiroom Tv aerials


f you are in need of more than one tv aerial fitting we can run multiple points from one Digital TV aerial.

If you have a look around your street you will find most houses have a mast up with 3 or 4 aerials overloading the one mast. Not only is that dangerous with the weight it is also unsightly to look at.

We can install a Digital TV aerial system 4 up to 6 rooms all running the cables up the roof to an outdoor splitter or external masthead amplifier.

Signals after the switchover a few years ago were increased so it is now much easier to split.

However when we split your aerial you will loose a certain amount of signal. We can usually tell you over the phone by going off your postcode how many points we can do off the one aerial.

When we split a signal it doesn’t halve the signal a 2 way splitter will loose 4 dB and a 4 way splitter will loose 8db as long as you keep the signal above 45db no problem.