Tv aerials weak reception installation

If you live in an area where reception is quite weak then maybe something like this type of tv aerial is the solution.

Here we have a good quality MZR20 Digital TV aerial fitted on a 20 foot alloy mast fed into 8 way amplifier, this gave the customer equal signals throughout the home and 3 times moor channels that are on the relay station.

If you are struggling where you live for reception or want some advice on your existing set up get in touch and ask for Andy or Bob.

Multiroom Tv aerials


f you are in need of more than one tv aerial fitting we can run multiple points from one Digital TV aerial.

If you have a look around your street you will find most houses have a mast up with 3 or 4 aerials overloading the one mast. Not only is that dangerous with the weight it is also unsightly to look at.

We can install a Digital TV aerial system 4 up to 6 rooms all running the cables up the roof to an outdoor splitter or external masthead amplifier.

Signals after the switchover a few years ago were increased so it is now much easier to split.

However when we split your aerial you will loose a certain amount of signal. We can usually tell you over the phone by going off your postcode how many points we can do off the one aerial.

When we split a signal it doesn’t halve the signal a 2 way splitter will loose 4 dB and a 4 way splitter will loose 8db as long as you keep the signal above 45db no problem.

Digital TV Aerial installation Myths

If you are in need of some advice on Digital TV Aerial installation then look no further.

Many people ask can we have a digital TV aerial and not analogue one, well there is no difference between an old type and a new type. All tv aerials now are classed as wideband aerials meaning they can pick up the full spectrum of signals from all transmitters, and when the broadcasters change frequency it is still capable of working.

Another one we are coming across is HD tv aerials again no such thing, if you have enough signal arriving at your Television or Set Top Box if it’s capable of receiving HD and the signal then all will be good.

Bigger aerial better signal is another myth you need 45 – 70db anything more than that or anything less your picture could break up. Some companies will up sell the aerial telling you will need this or that just be wary.

If you need help with any issues head over to our website and ask for Andy or Bob