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Loft tv aerials

If you are in need of a tv aerial sometimes it is possible to fit a new digital aerial in the loft.

A lot of this depends on what the roof is and is the tv aerial just pointing through your roof, also the line of sight to transmitter and how strong signal is.

If you get in touch we can give you advice on this sometimes unfortunately it has to go outside.

Ask for Andy or Bob

Tv aerials facia board

Here is an example of not what to do.

We don’t fit tv aerials to facia boards due to the damage that this can cause.

If you look at the second part of the video this shows a new tv aerial fitted on a wall bracket with 6 foot crank mast.

If you need any tv aerial work get in touch ask for Andy or Bob.

Cutting corners with Tv Aerials

Here is a classic example of how engineers cut corners when fitting TV Aerials.

As you can see from this video the bottom tv aerial is new and has been clamped to an existing old rusty mast, the weight and condition of the pole with a bit of bad weather has caused the pole to snap.

In this situation the engineer should have at least informed the customer of what condition it was in, but probably fitted and charged as a new installation.

Here is the completed job.

If you require any help with your faulty aerials or require some upgrades get in touch.

Ask for Andy or Bob