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You have arrived at my site as you are probably looking for a TV Aerial Installation Samlesbury,I have set this site up to help you make the right choice and to solve any issues you have.

Who we are.

My name is Andy ex armed forces who has been in the Digital Tv Aerial Industry for 25 yrs, currently the owner of www.aerial-tek.net,however with the success of Aerial-Tek and the volume of work i decided to take on a few more trustworthy engineers to help me meet the demand, the engineers profiles are all on my website for you to see as its nice to know at this time who will be carrying out your work.

Your TV Aerial Installers in Samlesbury


Digital Tv Aerial Installation doesn’t have to be difficult so, we have tried to make this process if you head over to our page TV Aerial Prices you will find our fixed price TV Aerial installation prices, with 25 yrs plus experience in the Industry 99% of the time we can quote over the phone.

With most companies on the Internet you dont know who is turning up and where they are coming from, also with some of the national companies being in the news and being exposed the over charging the price structure is just made up, we believe in providing an honest approach and nothing hidden.

If you head over to our Gallery and video section you will find examples of our work and what is entailed in TV Aerial Installation.

You Can see by the Quality of Workmanship all TV Aerials are fitted using heavy duty chimney brackets, wall mounts and lashing wires on chimney. There are more examples of our work in the Gallery section. All our work comes with a written 2 year guarantee on New aerial Installations.

Customers Questions and Answers

Q   Are all TV Aerials Digital ?

A  There is no such thing as a Digital TV Aerial but all new Aerials are Wideband meaning they can pick up Digital signals on all frequencies.

Q   Is my old cable any good ?

A  New TV Aerial cable is shielded to stop interference sometimes if your cable is fed under a floor etc we can use this to stop any disruption to flooring etc.

Q   What price is a new Digital Aerial installation ?

A   Here at TV Aerials.biz we offer a fixed price Aerial installation service, i have been doing this for 25 yrs so i can offer you a reasonable price with an excellent service and all quoted over the phone.

Q    Do i need a TV Aerial for BT VISION, YOU VIEW, EE or a Smart Television?

A   All these services require a connection to a TV Aerial for live freeview services although some content is streamed online.

Q   Whats the benefit of a bigger TV Aerial ?

A   Here at TV Aerials.biz we will not install an Aerial with more gain than necessary as too much signal is as bad as not enough.

Q   How many connections can you take from one aerial ?

A   Here at TV Aerials.biz we offer fixed price multiroom tv aerial installations, signals in the north west within 20 miles of Winter Hill are high enough to run upto 6 points depending on location etc.

Q   Will putting an Amplifier in make it any better ?

A  Many customers buy amplifiers that arent needed when reception deteriorates and make things worse you are just amplifying the problem if the signal is good coming in then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Q  What is 4g interfence ?

A  Some mobile transmitters are on similar frequencies and cause disruption to television channels so if your tv aerial is new its worth doing a simple check by following this link https://at800.tv/im-sure-received-postcard/ its a free service and they will supply you a free 4g filter.

Q   What are the main TV Aerial faults ?

A   The main faults we encounter are Water Ingress, cracked or split cables, aerials out of alignment or general DIY failures.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact TV Aerials.biz we are here to help,

Thanks Andy and Bob

Samlesbury is located approx 14 miles from Winter Hill transmitter site and reception in most parts is very good for Digital Tv reception. For an updated channel list and Digital tuning frequencies head over to https://ukfree.tv/transmitters/tv/Winter_Hill

Thanks for reading if you need any more information on your TV Aerial problems or you need some friendly advice contact us below.

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