Here at TV we pride ourselves for offering a truly honest service with fixed prices arranged over the telephone, so no unexpected hidden extras like most other companies out there, with 4 engineers covering the north west who know each area and its reception issues we can offer this service.

There are many companies out there with likes of Aerialexpress, Aerialforce, Skyforce and Action Aerials who are there to take as much money off customers as they can with some of these companies getting regular appearances on watchdog.

Here are a few examples of what to look out for.

This is an AERIALEXPRESS job for an old lady fitted a new lnb on that very old dish £162.00 and didnt even pull the cover down over the LNB, when you look at the pricing of the dish it makes you wonder sureley it the dish should be fitted proffesionally all the time, so for 259.00 plus vat you get a dish fitted to one room.


Same Companies Aerial pricing if you want a basic tv aerial fitting with a reasonable set of brackets just short of 300 quid makes you wonder.

Just a couple of things to watch when companies offer you a free quote or prices from £49.00 etcBlog



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